Zenzizenzic For WIN, MAC and LINUX is a fast paced twin-stick shoot ‘em up. Weave through intricate bullet patterns In 5 levels and 5 bonus levels! and dodge enemies to rank your score among the greatest and beat various challenges or explore an open world in the alternative rogue-like gameplay mode called ‘Macro’. Play with up to two players Grab yourself a scapegoat! and use a variety of weapons 6 available now and counting! to blast thy foes to smithereens.

Lots of weapons, varied and challenging patterns, pixel perfect controls, blasting beat, a mindblowing speed and a unique graphical style; that’s what it’s all about!

Zenzizenzic is currently in beta and scheduled for release in June 2015 for Windows, MAC OS and Linux. You can play it with a controller (like an Xbox360 controller) or with mouse and keyboard.

Zenzizenzic screenshot of level 4!

Every bit of support will be hugely appreciated!




  • Singleplayer and local co-operative.
  • A large and varied arsenal of weaponry to choose from.
  • A rogue-like gameplay variant called ‘Macro’.
  • Mindblowing speed and movement accuracy.
  • Dynamically increasing difficulty.
  • Bonus levels with unique challenges.
  • And a blasting beat by bignic, known for the multi-platform hit Zombies.
Zenzizenzic screenshot of level 2!
Zenzizenzic screenshot of level 1!
Zenzizenzic screenshot of level 3!
Zenzizenzic screenshot of level 4!

Zenzizenzic is being developed by bitHuffel’s and Ludicity’s Ruud Koorevaar.

Before starting he didn’t know a damn thing about game design, development or anything concerning building games, except for what was garnered during 15-20 years of playing games. That didn’t stop him though. Ruud set out to realise his passion and learn it all as he goes.

Zenzizenzic is currently fairly feature complete. What’s left is more content! However, please send Ruud your feedback. He’d love to take your feedback to make Zenzizenzic an even better experience!

Zenzizenzic screenshot of bonus level 2!
Even this early on, Zenzizenzic feels great, engaging and challenging for all types of shmup players.
Christ Priestman, Indie Statik
Although still in quite an early state Zenzizenzic already feels like a well polished twin stick shooter.
Alex Wilkinson, Indie Game Magazine
I swear on the almighty Gaming Gods. Zenzizenzic is bloody brilliant!”
Robin E, The Gaming Ground